Adhesive Remover for Skin

Adhesive Remover for Skin

Stingless is a non toxic and eco-friendly skin adhesive remover designed to eliminate adhesives from bandages and medical grade tape painlessly off your skin. Our multi purpose formula is great for many uses besides bandage removal such as removing hair dye from skin, temporary tattoos, glitter, ink, marker, and much more.

Easily Removes



Painlessly remove any tough bandages that sit on the skin for awhile

medical & sports tape

Medical & Sports Tape

Reduce the pain of strong adhesives in medical grade tape

hair dye remover

Hair Dye

Great for salons, no more hair dye stains on the skin when dyeing your hair

ink & marker remover

Ink & Marker

Easily remove ink and marker thats stained on the skin

remove glitter from skin

Glue & Glitter

Wipe away glitter that seams to always be stuck on the skin

temporary tattoo remover

Temporary Tattoos

Get rid of temporary tattoos fast with Stingless Adhesive Remover

Don't take our word for it


My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and she has an insulin pump. Medical tapes can be really strong and can often harm her skin when trying to remove it. This stuff really helps her skin from becoming irritated and helps to remove all of the adhesive without leaving excess stickiness. It has a nice citrus smell as well.

Amazon Review

I manage a hair replacement company and needed something to remove bond residue from the scalp of a client with very sensitive skin. We have tried other "sensitive skin" products on this client only to irritate the skin on the scalp further. Oil Slick worked for us and no irritation to the client's scalp. It's a life saver!

Amazon Review

We were recommended this product to help remove the adhesive for my child’s Dexcom and omnipod. We were original using uni-solve but the smell was really getting to me. It also would remove my nail polish in the process. Slick Oil smells like citrus. It removes the devices so much easier. It also doesn’t remove my nail polish.

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My daughter has T1D and wears a Libre 2. Sensor change day has been a nightmare in the past, but not anymore. This product literally makes the adhesive fall right off. I apply it 3-4 times in an hour and the sensor falls off. It’s a life saver!

Amazon Review

I decided to try this to remove Hollister 7730 medical adhesive. It worked great! The adhesive came off quickly and easily. It also did not require a lot of the Oil Slick to get the job done. The odor is pleasing as well.

Amazon Review

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