The Best 13 Easy Beauty Hacks

The Best 13 Easy Beauty Hacks

Looking your best can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why there is a multi-billion dollar beauty industry ready to sell you a whole range of pricey products for skin, hair, and nails. The good news is looking marvelous doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some easy and effective hacks to get the job done on the cheap.


Water is Wonderful


Protect your hair from damaging pool chlorine and other chemicals. Swimming laps in the pool is a great way to stay in shape, unfortunately the harsh chemicals in the pool can punish your hair in no time. One way to minimize damage– hit the shower before you hit the pool. It turns out dry hair is more susceptible to damage from pool chemicals than wet hair.


Speed up nail drying time.

Painted nails take time to dry and sometimes you don’t have much time to wait. An easy fix – try soaking them in ice water for a couple minutes to set the polish.


Tighten pores fast and easy.

Had a rough day on the job, or stayed out a little too late partying and your face is red, tired, or puffy? Help is as easy as a bowl of ice water! It may be old school, but cold water will restrict the blood flow in your face, making your skin look less puffy and more awake. Simply fill a bowl (or a clean sink) with cold water and a few ice cubes and dip your face right in. Hold your face in the water for 8-10 seconds and see the difference.


Bandage Adhesive Remover a  Versatile Beauty Hack in a Bottle

Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is an all-natural, eco-friendly way to remove all types of bandages without the usual pain that comes with just ripping them off.

Sting-less is made from natural extracts and comes in a spray bottle, or handy wipes. While it is great for taking off medical bandages, band-aids and sports tape, it also is an all-purpose inexpensive solution for dealing with common beauty issues (4oz bottle under $20).


Take hair dye off skin.

Even hair salon pros know that on occasion hair dye can drip on to foreheads and it’s not easy to get off. With a simple spray of Sting-less Adhesive Remover  on a cotton ball or tissue, the dye will come right off. As a bonus, because it contains no alcohol, Sting-less won’t dry out the delicate skin of your face.


Removing breast tape without pain.

Whether you’re a fan of plunging necklines, or just like being able to get a bit more lift and support without wearing a bra, using breast tape is a handy solution. The only downside, is that breast tapes use strong adhesive to help wearers avoid those “oops” moments. In the past, women have tried to lessen the discomfort of removing the tape from their skin, by using baby oil. The result can be a mess. Oil on towels and clothing can leave permanent stains. By dampening the breast tape with Sting-less Adhesive Remover, (which does not contain oil), you can avoid the pain and the greasy mess.


Taking off temporary tattoos.

Sometimes you want to try on body art without the long-term commitment of permanent tattoos. Temporary tattoos, including henna and others, contain dyes that do not come off easily with soap and water. When temporary tattoos start to fade or you simply tire of them, a few spays of Sting-less Adhesive Remover and a little light rubbing, should take off the tattoo and leave behind a fresh citrus aroma.


Handy Household Products Offer Easy Hacks


If you’re a runner that is worried about getting blisters Good Housekeeping Magazine recommends applying a thin layer of roll-on deodorant to your heels. The deodorant provides an extra bit of protection between skin and abrasive socks.


If you suffer from occasional razor cuts while shaving, a great way to stop the bleeding simply requires a little Chapstick on the area. It both soothes the wound and prevents further bleeding


Your favorite tube of lip gloss can be expensive. So, if it is running low, before you toss it, try “MacGyvering” it  with this hack. Get a pair of tweezers and pull out the plug “stopper thingey” located at the top of most lip glosses. Once you remove the barrier the wand can reach in further, accessing the product hiding at the bottom of the tube. This hack also works with other similarly packaged products like concealers.


Washing curly hair is easy, but how you dry it can make all the difference. If you don't want to disrupt the natural curl pattern, some stylists recommend using a cotton t-shirt as a great hack. They say to gently squeeze your hair with a cotton t-shirt to keep your curls intact and help your hair retain moisture. Terry cloth towels can absorb too much moisture from hair and the rough texture of the towel will create frizz and can disturb your natural curl pattern.


Keep nail polish off your skin by applying a thin layer of Vaseline around your nail bed. Then paint your nails as usual. Once the polish dries, wash your hands — any excess polish that hits the Vaseline will come right off.


Want extra curly lashes? Heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds before using for a more effective curl.


Looking for supple lips? Brush your lips as the last step of your morning tooth-brushing routine. The soft bristles will give your lips the perfect quick exfoliation before you apply lipstick or gloss.


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