How to Painlessly Remove Bandage Adhesive from Skin

How to Painlessly Remove Bandage Adhesive from Skin

Everyone, at one time or another, has experienced the pain of tearing off a bandage. Then, once the bandage is gone, frequently a sticky residue of adhesive remains. By using a couple squirts of Sting-Less Adhesive Remover, you can deal with both problems painlessly and protect your skin and the environment.

Before Sting-Less Adhesive Remover, those who had to deal with bandage removal, either had to endure the pain, or resort to inconvenient and often skin-damaging home remedies. Some of the ways people have tried to ease the pain of bandage and adhesive removal, include: using a hair dryer, applying ice, baby oil or vegetable oil, or alcohol based products. 

Those home remedies, or over-the-counter alcohol-based solutions, can cause a variety of problems. Dryers and alcohol-based treatments can dry out your skin. Using oils leave a greasy residue that can stain clothing and prevent new bandages from being applied. Applying ice is messy and cold. 

Those problems are compounded if you frequently need to apply and remove bandages, such as in the case of Type 1 diabetics (bandages are often used to secure an insulin pump), athletes (using sports tape), or seniors who may have frequent sores. Ripping off bandages without an adhesive dissolver can bruise the skin, especially in older adults and young children. Alcohol-based removers not only dry out the skin, but also can sting open cuts or sores. Oils leave the skin surface slick so that reapplying new bandages is almost impossible. 

We recognized there had to be a better way of dealing with bandage adhesive removal. We wanted to create a solution that was easy to apply, effective, non-irritating and eco-friendly. Our citrus and vegetable-based spray, works great, is affordable and takes the “ouch” out of bandage removal.  

Here is the easy step-by-step process for using Sting-Less Adhesive Remover:


  1. Spray Sting-Less on the bandage until it is lightly damp
  2. Slowly remove the tape/bandage
  3. Apply more Sting-Less to remove all of the adhesive residue still on the skin
  4. Wash the area gently with soap and water
  5. Pat dry with a clean towel, or let air dry


Countless people have tried Sting-Less Adhesive Remover and shared its benefits with friends, family and coworkers. Parents with young children appreciate the lack of trauma and drama when taking off a band aid or bandage. Health care workers report that it helps avoid damaging the sensitive skin of those they care for. Athletes and trainers love that it takes the pain out of removing tape. Diabetic patients report the big difference it makes when it comes to removing and reapplying bandages related to their insulin pump. 

We are proud that Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is American made and uses all natural ingredients. Share with us your success stories. We would love to hear how Sting-Less Adhesive Remover has made a positive difference in your life. 

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