Breast Tape and How to Remove the Adhesive from Skin

Breast Tape and How to Remove the Adhesive from Skin

How do celebrities and models wear plunging necklines, tube tops and other hot fashions and look totally supported without showing bra straps? For many the answer is “boob tape.” This stretchy adhesive tape is placed on the breasts (usually worn with reusable nipple covers) and it holds the breasts in place without a bra, so wearers can enjoy all the fashions they desire. Boob tape usage has gone way beyond celebrities and is now being used by women of all shapes and sizes. Some women like the freedom to go braless, others are looking for a little extra lift without surgery. 

One popular provider of boob tape and nipple cover pasties is American-based Impreza. They offer boob tape in a variety of widths to accommodate both larger and smaller breasts and a variety of colors to blend with natural skin tones.  Their tape is 95% breathable cotton and stretchy spandex and contains no latex. The site offers a number of helpful tutorials about easy ways to apply the tape and how to remove it. 


How to Painlessly Remove Boob Tape


Because boob tape is meant to hold tight and resist perspiration, the adhesive needs to be strong. Tearing off the boob tape from delicate skin can obviously be painful and can irritate skin. The trick to avoiding the pain is to weaken the adhesive before your remove it. In the past, some providers of the tape have suggested applying oil to the bandage. While oil will work, it can also can make a greasy mess, staining clothes, towels etc. Products that include alcohol have also been recommended by some, but alcohol is know to dry out skin. The first choice of Impreza and other boob tape suppliers for painless tape removal, is for customers to use Sting-Less Adhesive Remover. All natural and non-toxic, Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is made from plant and citrus extracts and contains no oil or alcohol.  Simply spray Sting-Less Adhesive Remover on the tape till it is damp and slowly peal the tape off. It leaves a pleasant mild citrus aroma and no greasy mess. 

If you want to the support to wear your favorite fashions without the problem of bra straps, or simply want a little extra lift, then boob tape might be just the answer for you. To enjoy the gain without the pain, remember to get some Sting-Less Adhesive Remover to make removing the tape effortless. 

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