Top 5 Situations Where You Might Need to Remove Adhesive from Skin

Top 5 Situations Where You Might Need to Remove Adhesive from Skin

Throughout life there are plenty of occasions where you might need to remove sticky adhesive from your skin. Here are five common scenarios where having an all-natural adhesive remover like Sting-Less would be very helpful:

1. A medical emergency that requires medical grade bandages 

If you get a burn or scrape that requires gauze, or a fracture that requires a splint, and an EMT is called out, chances are, your treatment will be secured by Medical Transpore Tape. This tape is strong and waterproof and has tiny pores that let air reach your skin. It is easy to tear by hand and has very strong adhesive that will hold firm. Once the tape is removed it will leave a sticky residue. By applying Sting-Less Adhesive Remover to the bandage you can remove it easily without irritating the skin and you will also be able to remove the sticky gunk that remains once the bandage is gone.

2. Bandages to hold medical devices 

About 350,000 Americans who have diabetes are able to manage their condition using an insulin pump. The external medical device must be secured using strong medical bandages/tape. The bandages must be changed on a regular basis. Painlessly being able to remove bandages and clean up the sticky adhesive residue, is important for health and wellness. Some adhesive removers rely on oils or alcohol. Alcohol-based products are very drying to the skin and can sting open wounds. Oil-based products leave a greasy residue that makes it hard to apply new bandages. That’s why Sting-Less Adhesive Remover, made from citrus and plant extracts, is the top choice for those dealing with medical device bandages.

3. Athletes using Kinesiology/Sports Tape 

If you are an active athlete chances are you have used, or have considered using sports tapes to either wrap sprains, or to speed recovery for fatigued muscles and joints. The tape is often applied by a trainer or physical therapist. The tape is super-adhesive and can be quite painful to remove if you don’t do it right. A few sprays of Sting-Less Adhesive Remover helps the tape come off easily and also takes off any remaining sticky adhesive.

4. Removing Super Glue from Skin

Home repair projects can often be completed with a few drops of Super Glue.  A problem can occur if that glue comes in contact with your skin. Super Glue, unlike traditional adhesives, is not water-based so it is not easily washed off. Super Glue is instead, made of a fast drying acrylic resin called cyanoacrylate. This resin requires some moisture to set-up and unfortunately skin which has some perspiration on it, is perfect for Super Glue set-up quickly. This can lead to irritation of the skin and can cause your skin to stick to items or other pieces of skin. If you find that you have accidentally touched some Super Glue, it is best to immediately reach for your bottle of Sting-Less Adhesive Remover. You will be able to remove the glue quickly and painlessly. 

5. Minor cuts and scrapes requiring band aids 

Cuts and scrapes, especially for small children, active adults and sensitive skinned seniors, require small over-the-counter bandages of all sizes and shapes. Bandages that stick to hair and skin and hurt when you pull them off. That pain can cause drama with small children and trauma to the skin of frail seniors. Having Sting-Less Adhesive Remover in your medicine cabinet or glove compartment, helps take the “ouch” out of everyday bandaging of nicks and cuts. It is American made, environmentally friendly and very effective.

For other uses of Sting-Less Adhesive Remover see our website. We are proud to be the adhesive problem solvers for families all across America.

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