The Effortless Way of Removing Temporary Tattoos

The Effortless Way of Removing Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have become a popular form of casual body art. Unlike  traditional permanent tattoos, you can try out a tattoo look without a lifetime commitment. However, because they are easy, fast and painless to apply, sometimes the tattoo you choose and where you choose to place it may not be acceptable to work, or family. While the art is not permanent, the waterproof inks or dyes can be harder than you think to remove. That’s where Sting-Less Adhesive Remover can take the frustration out of removing your unwanted, or fading temporary tattoos.

There are three basic types of temporary tattoos: Press-on Decals, Airbrush, and Henna. 

  1. Press-on Decal Custom Temporary Tattoos. A decal tattoo can stay on from 24 hours to 2-3 weeks. The ink design is on a sheet of transfer paper and when you rub the back of the paper the design ink is applied to the skin. These tattoos can go from very basic that even kids can apply themselves to more elaborate designs that are popular at festivals and vacation spots.
  2. Airbrush Temporary Tattoos. Airbrush temporary tattoos are gaining popularity. As the name indicates, these tattoos look more like body paint. The airbrush artist needs to be skilled at using stencils to apply the appropriate dyes to create the desired image. It can be time consuming and they are often a bit bigger than decal tattoos.
  3. Henna Temporary Tattoos. The most popular temporary tattoos are Henna temporary tattoos. Henna is a plant-based substance that is used in powdered form to create artwork on the body. Henna tattoos usually last for 2–3 weeks. Henna, in some cultures is considered a sign of success and is sometimes used for ceremonial purposes such as weddings. Henna is usually drawn freehand to create a predetermined design. Be aware that some henna artists use Black Henna which is actually hair dye and can be harmful to your skin.


Reasons Why You Would Remove a Temporary Tattoo.

Say you and your friends go to a festival, or on vacation, and celebrate by getting some temporary tattoos. One person goes wild with a face tattoo, another puts the name of their crush on their arm, another chooses a funny, less-than-flattering stamp on their back. The next morning you may see the tattoos as less than desirable to bring back to work, family or friends. No problem. With Sting-Less Adhesive Remover you can avoid the lengthy and often painful scrub session to remove your unwanted tattoos. Just spray on the Sting-Less Adhesive Remover and wipe off the area with a cloth, then rinse with soap and water and in a short time you are done.

Other Reasons to Use Sting-Less Adhesive Remover on Temporary Tattoos. 

Even if you love your temporary tattoo, over time it will start to fade. A faded tattoo can just look like a blob of ink. Once it starts fading, it’s time to take it off and Sting-Less Adhesive Remover (which is made from citrus and plant based ingredients) works great. It doesn’t dry out your skin like alcohol based temporary tattoo removers. Another reason to remove a temporary tattoo is that the inks and dyes used can be harsh on your skin, especially for children. They can, in some cases, cause redness and even blistering. The last thing you want to put on irritated skin is alcohol-based products, because it will sting and burn. 

Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is proudly made in America and it’s an affordable eco-friendly solution for parting ways with your temporary tattoos. Live colorfully then clean up the easy way with Sting-Less Adhesive Remover. 

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