A Pain-Free Way to Remove Adhesives or Ink from Skin

A Pain-Free Way to Remove Adhesives or Ink from Skin

Hard-to-remove bandages and medical tape, quick-drying glues, permanent marker ink, and temporary tattoos, are just some of the challenges your skin can face on any given day. Dealing with sticky and messy situations relating to adhesives and ink on your skin is why we developed Sting-Less Adhesive Remover.  


Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is all-natural, made in America, and formulated not to dry out your skin or leave a greasy residue. Created from citrus and plant extracts, Sting-Less Adhesive Remover removes adhesives and inks with just a few sprays. Follow with a quick rinse with soap and water, then dry – problem solved. Here are just some of the ways you can use Sting-Less Adhesive Remover.


Dealing with Reoccurring Bandages

If you have to secure a medical device like an insulin pump, then using tape and bandages to hold the device in place, is an ongoing challenge. You need to remove the tape without pain, then get rid of the adhesive residue in a way that will allow you to easily reapply bandages. In the past, most bandage removing solutions were alcohol or oil based. Alcohol is drying to the skin and can irritate open wounds. Oils leave the skin greasy making it difficult to reapply new bandages. Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is not alcohol based and does not leave a greasy residue, making it the perfect solution for your needs.


Kinesiology Sports Tapes

If you’re athletic, you are bound to suffer muscle or joint strains or even sprains and breaks. A popular way to treat those common injuries is to incorporate the use of water resistant kinesiology tape to help speed recovery or to secure splints. The tapes are designed to hold firm and can be painful to take off. Sting-Less Adhesive Remover makes tape removal pain-free and easy. 


Everyday Bandage Use

Getting scrapes, cuts and sores are a part of life. Protecting yourself by using band aid style bandages are usually no big deal- unless you are a small child, an older person with sensitive skin, or averse to the pain that comes with yanking off a bandage and the hair that goes with it.  To eliminated the pain, drama and skin trauma of everyday bandages, Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is ready to help.


Permanent Marker Ink And Temporary Tattoos

Permanent markers and temporary tattoos both use water resistant inks and dyes. Because they are water resistant removing these inks often takes lots of scrubbing with harsh soaps or alcohol, or oils that can damage clothing.  With Sting-Less Adhesive Remover, just spray some solution on a cotton ball and wipe off the area. Wash with soap and water and the inks are gone. Simple, environmentally friendly and effective, Sting-Less Adhesive Remover is a great go-to.


Gum in Hair

It may not happen often, but whenever chewing gum and hair come together, it’s a mess. Sometimes it involves kids fighting or playing pranks, or it can arise when blowing a bubble goes wrong. In the past, if someone got gum in hair there were two solutions. Cut out the hair tangled with the gum, or try using peanut butter leaving a smelly greasy mess. By using Sting-Less Adhesive Remover you can remover the gum quickly without damaging the hair and you are left with a pleasant citrus scent.


Sting-Less Adhesive Remover comes in a handy 4-ounce spray bottle that will last you.  So versatile, it makes good sense to keep one in your medicine cabinet, purse or glove compartment to help handle whatever sticky situation comes your way.

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